Enron Mail

Subject:Enron Image 2000 Video is Here
Date:Thu, 5 Oct 2000 11:11:00 -0700 (PDT)

Enron's Image 2000 Video is Now Available

We think you will like Enron's new corporate impage video, which can be used
for employees, customers, suppliers, government officials, and other
audiences who want to know about Enron. The video features Ken Lay, Jeff
Skilling and Joe Sutton who discuss four key business initiatives:
broadband; wholesale energy; energy outsourcing services and EnronOnline.
The look and feel represents our people, culture and new branding.

MooreSource has a large supply of standard VHS (also known as NTSC) copies,
which is the format used in the U.S. and some international locations, and
copies in PAL, which is the format used in the U.K. and in most European
locations. There also are special PAL formats (PAL-M and PAL-N) available
for locations in South America.

You may use the order form below or, for those of you who prefer to order
electronically, you may do so from MooreSource using the following item
numbers. If you aren't familiar with MooreSource, please go
tohttp://home.enron.com:84/imgctr/ and click on the MooreSource button.
Instructions for ordering will be provided there. If you have questions
about using MooreSource, contact Michael Shea at 713/853-5418.

Order a copy today.

Item # Description Price
43162 Image Video-VHS $4.25
43163 Image Video-PAL $8.25
43164 Image Video-PAL/M $15.00
43165 Image Video-PAL/N $15.00