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Date:Thu, 9 Nov 2000 09:21:00 -0800 (PST)

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Subject: WTS Bio

Hello Gil. Here is our brief Bio for distribution in both Outlook and
Word formats

<<Bio for USMCOC_09-15.doc<<

Worldwide Technical Services, Inc., (WTS) provides extensive market
development services in the Market of Mexico for manufacturers and
distributors of Information Technology (IT) products. With over $22
Billion in high-tech US exports having been shipped to Mexico in 1999,
the market of Mexico is truly a fantastic opportunity for US companies.
WTS enables manufacturers to experience unparalleled growth and profits
in Mexico cost effectively and with minimal involvement. As a US company
with headquarters in Denver, Colorado and Leon, Mexico - WTS minimizes
the risk of international trade with Mexico.

Through a portfolio of over 2,000 resellers, dealers, and distributors
and over 250 service centers located nationwide, WTS is able to
establish distribution and service networks for organizations throughout
Mexico. Only WTS offers landmark programs that include managed dealer
networks, product service & support and a comprehensive line of services
designed to enable companies to profit from the Market of Mexico. WTS is
a US owned company and has been doing business in Mexico since 1995.

Over the last several years since the creation of NAFTA (North American
Free Trade Agreement) the Market of Mexico has become one of today's
greatest business opportunities. A "Race for Success" has begun in
Mexico and WTS' is positioned to assist companies in capitalizing on the
opportunities that exist today.

Please visit our web site @ http://www.WTS-USA.com or call (877)
498-7872. Ask for Richard Bradbury (Ext. 229) or Mike Hileman (Ext. 237)
for more details.

- Bio for USMCOC_09-15.doc