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Subject:Forthcoming in your next issue of The Washington Quarterly
Date:Mon, 4 Dec 2000 06:12:00 -0800 (PST)

How is CINCPAC reshaping security arrangements in the Asia-Pacific?
How, if at all, should the U.S. engage North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and Iraq?
How does the rest of the world view Bill Clinton's legacy?
Does Fidel Castro worry about his own legacy?
What is the regional impact of the AIDS pandemic?
Has the U.S. economy really been globalized?

Find the answers in the Winter 2000-2001 issue of The Washington Quarterly,=
now available on-line at www.twq.com

In this issue:
From Wheels to Webs: Reconstructing Asia-Pacific Security Arrangements
-- Dennis C. Blair and John T. Hanley Jr.
Fear Moves East: Terror Targets the Pacific Rim
=02=05 Joshua Kurlantzick
As Fidel Fades =02=05 Georgie Anne Geyer
The Fundamental Internet Tax Debate =02=05 Murray Weidenbaum
Has the U.S. Economy Really Been Globalized?-- Robert M. Dunn Jr.

Containment's Last Stand
The Politcs of Dismantling Containment =02=05 Meghan L. O'Sullivan
North Korea: The Leader of the Pack-- Joel S. Wit
Cuba: The End of an Era-- Daniel W. Fisk
Iran: Can the United States Do a Deal?-- Geoffrey Kemp
Iraq: The Exception to the Rule-- Judith S. Yaphe

What is Clinton's International Legacy?
Clinton's World: Purpose, Policy and Weltanschauung =02=05 Josef Joffe
The Eye of the the Transitional Storm =02=05 Shahram Chubin
Legacy to the World's Poorest Nations =02=05 Michael Chege
The Asian Legacy in Focus =02=05 Frank Ching
As Clinton Leaves the Ring =02=05 Yasuhiro Nakasone

The Regional Impact of HIV and AIDS
Joinign Forces to Fight HIV and AIDS =02=05 Sandra L. Thurman
The African Pandemic Hits Washington =02=05 J. Stephen Morrison
Accelerating and Disseminating across Asia =02=05 Chris Beyrer
Caribbean Crossroads =02=05 Peggy McEvoy

Charles Cook on Washington
The End of Politics? Looking Beyond the Election
Charles E. Cook Jr.

All articles are available in full text at www.twq.com