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Subject:Free Guide to PKI - Take your company securely to the Internet
Date:Wed, 18 Oct 2000 12:50:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Kenneth,
As more and more companies move core business activities to the internet,
security is becoming the number one obstacle. The market today is turning
towards Public Key Infrastructure as the solution. Xcert announces a free
"Practical Guide to Public Key Infrastructure." You can pick up your free
copy at the URL listed below:
We hope it shows you about how PKI and Xcert can help you build trust with
your customers and partners on the Internet.

Based in Walnut Creek, California, Xcert International is the premier
developer of Internet based public key infrastructure (PKI) technology.
Xcerts solutions provide the ultimate Internet Security structure by going
beyond existing security models such as firewalls, encryption and anti-virus
software. Xcert's products provide privacy and authenticity for conducting
secure Internet transactions and information sharing. Xcert develops,
manufactures and distributes Certificate Authority (CA) and PKI solutions
that use secure directory services to provide organizations and individuals
with a secure and non-repudiable method of communicating and trading with
each other over the Internet. We work with end-customers, integrators, and
certificate service providers who are looking for a truly scalable,
open-standards based, interoperable PKI solution that works over standard

We invite you to contact us at 800-721-9191 to learn what more Xcert
International can do for you with internet PKI solutions.


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