Enron Mail

To:jsutton@enron.com, kenneth.lay@enron.com
Subject:Fw: Situation in China
Date:Fri, 13 Aug 1999 18:12:00 -0700 (PDT)

< To: Ken Lay and Joe Sutton;
< First let me say that I heartily applaud the move you recently made in
< regard to oil and gas exploration and production. I feel somewhat
< vindicated in the position that I had previously taken with EOG
< when I suggested selling off the domestic operations and concentrating on
< the foreign opportunities. My real satisfaction, however, is in the
< retention by Enron Corp. of both the China and India operations. I
< that I have expressed to both of you that the concept of an integrated
< company was very appealing to the officials in both countries.
< in China, this concept appeared to be a factor in the success of our
< negotiations.
< I am a bit concerned, however, by the reports I receive from some of my
< friends and former colleagues in CNPC. They tell me of a degree of
< unhappiness with the state of the relationship between their management
< Enron's E & P management. In their view this casts some doubts on the
< feasibility of a long-term working partnership, even though they are well
< pleased with the technical results achieved thus far.
< I have complete faith that Enron Corp. will resolve this matter in good
< time and not allow it to jeopardize, in any degree, the great potential
< that Enron has in China. Nevertheless, if there is any way in which
< I or my colleague, Johnny Kopecky, can be of any assistance we stand
< to do so. Both of us continue to have close contacts and a good rapport
< with members of CNPC and SPA management. We could perhaps assist in
< determining the true nature and extent of the problem, if there should
< indeed be one.
< Again, congratulations on what you are doing with Enron. And many
< for the steady increase in the valuations of my Enron stock.
< Regards,
< Lindsey LIpscomb