Enron Mail

Subject:Get out the Vote
Date:Sun, 5 Nov 2000 23:13:00 -0800 (PST)

Dear Friends and Family,
We are down to the wire and the race couldn't be
closer. Every vote counts, even those of you in Texas.
Please, remember to vote and go early, polls open at
7am across the country and close at 7pm but don't put
it off until 7pm as there could be lines and the
supervisors are not required to keep the polls open
after 7pm for those in line.
Remind your friends and family to vote and if someone
needs transportation to the polls, give them a ride or
call your local Victory 2000 office (Republicans) or
your local Democratic campaign office, they will have
people available to transport people to the polls.
Keep an eye out while you are at the polls for
electoral fraud and report any suspicious activity
including inappropriate campaigning to the poll
watchers at the polls. The Democrats and the
Republicans will have representatives at most of the
polls, let them know if there is suspicious activity.
Finally, if you have time, call your local offices and
offer your time to make phone calls to encourage
people to get out and vote, pass out leaflets, or to
be available to help prevent of voter fraud.

Finally, enjoy the evening and watch the results come
in. There are election watch parties everywhere!!!

Just one more day (and no more mass political e-mail's
from me and everyone else)!
Take care and VOTE!

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