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Subject:HBS Case Study
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Date:Thu, 5 Oct 2000 09:26:00 -0700 (PDT)

Ladies and Gentleman,

Enron Public Affairs has launched a new initiative: ENRON UNIVERSITY
AFFAIRS. The overall mission of Enron University Affairs is to broaden the
depth and scope of our relationships with targeted universities through
building Enron brand recognition on campuses, leveraging research exchanges
of intellectual capital between Enron and the Academic community, and
enhancing commercial opportunities for Enron. Additionally, this initiative
will further Enron's efforts to hire and retain the world's most innovative

I am leading this initiative, as Vice President, joined by Mike Rosen as a
Director. Cindy Derecskey will also work with our team in conjunction with
her position as public affairs coordinator.

Currently, Harvard Business School is developing a case study "to capture the
evolution of Enron's business model and the underlying entrepeneurial
culture, which made that evolution possible". A significant part of the
research centers on how Enron manages its intellectual capital.
Harvard Professor Christopher Bartlett, Daewoo Professor of Business
Administration and Chair, Program for Global Leadership, is leading this
effort, assisted by Meg Wozny, his research associate at Harvard Business
School. Professor Bartlett and Ms. Wozny have already co-written case
studies on General Electric and Microsoft.

Jeff Skilling has already met/interviewed with Professor Bartlett and Ms.
Wozny, along with several other Enron Management members.

Cindy , Tom, Andy, Gene, Mark and Rick, we are trying to schedule one
hour meetings with each of you Wednesday, October 11th, Thursday October
12th, or Friday October 13th.

Please reply with your preferred 1 hour time slot asap.

Please reply to me by e-mail or phone/voice mail @ 3-6117.

Additional information regarding the work, Enron management already involved,
and Professor Bartlett's bio follow.

Thanks for your participation!


---------------------- Forwarded by Christie Patrick/HOU/ECT on 10/05/2000
02:50 PM ---------------------------

Meg Wozny <mwozny@hbs.edu< on 10/05/2000 11:35:53 AM
To: Christie.Patrick@enron.com
Subject: HBS Case Study

Hi Christie:

Prof. Bartlett and I would like to capture the evolution of Enron's
business model and the underlying entrepreneurial culture, which made that
evolution possible. A big part of our research is Enron's management of
intellectual capital as a critical strategic resource. We'd like to
understand how Enron attracts, recruits, motivates and develops top talent
and how it creates the behavioral context that ensures that individual
entrepreneurial initiative is incorporated into organizational bloodstream.

Prof. Bartlett has already met with Jeff Skilling and Greg Whalley. Jeff
suggested Prof. Bartlett meet Ken Lay, Gene Humphrey, Mark Frevert, Andrew
Fastow and Cindy Olsen.

I've met Mark Palmer and Steve Kean as well as Louise Kitchen
(EnronOnline), Ken Rice, David Cox, Kevin Hannon, and Richard diMichele
(Broadband Business). We are planning to take Enron's culture for a test
drive in a separate case study on Louise Kitchen and EnronOnline launch.

Here are the dates that will work for us:
October 10 13
October 18 20
October 26-27
November 20-21

Thank you for your help, and please let me know if you need any additional

Best regards,

PS Attached is Prof. Bartlett's bio. I'm his research associate, and we've
co-written case studies on General Electric, Microsoft and ResMed.
- BartlettBio.doc
Meg Wozny
Research Associate
Harvard Business School
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Boston, MA 02163

voicemail: (617) 496-0802
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