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Subject:HOT NEWS -- Tower Rescue Today!
Date:Fri, 27 Oct 2000 00:32:00 -0700 (PDT)

Enron Wind Employees participated in an uptower rescue at an adjacent Wind=
Farm yesterday. Thought you might enjoy the following.

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Subject: HOT NEWS -- Tower Rescue Today!


Today at about 9:40 a.m. Dennis Smith, Manager, Environmental Health and=20
Safety =01) Americas, Rick Hatfield, Safety Coordinator, EHS-Americas, and =
Lewis, Superintendent =01) Tehachapi Operations, responded to a call for he=
from Oak Creek Energy (a local wind power developer located approximately 5=
miles from our Tehachapi facility). With no more detail than that a man ha=
sustained serious injury =01) a compound tibia fracture, and was located wi=
a NEG/Micon turbine 180 feet above the ground, Dennis, Rick and Mike quickl=
grabbed their rope rescue gear and arrived at Oak Creek approximately 10-15=
minutes after the call. =20

After a quick assessment by Dennis and the Kern County Fire Department=20
(KCFD), all agreed that Enron Wind=01,s equipment was the most appropriate,=
Enron Wind and KCFD would work together as a unit to lead the rescue. =20

While Dennis headed up the tower with local Halls Ambulance paramedics and=
KCFD personnel, Rick and Mike remained on the ground to coordinate the grou=
rescue. Once in the turbine, the Halls paramedic worked quickly to stabili=
the man, and Dennis, KCFD, and Micon employees worked to move the injured m=
to the rescue line that Rick, Mike and additional KCFD personnel were=20
tending. Within three minutes after being medically stabilized and hooked=
into his safety gear, the man was safe on the ground and ready for transpor=
to the hospital. =20

The man, a Danish employee, was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center. The most=
recent report on his condition stated that he is in stable condition. Ther=
will be an investigation to determine the cause of the incident.

Dennis credits the success of the rescue and stabilization of the injured m=
to a quick notification by Oak Creek personnel, a quick response by the Ker=
County Fire Department, Halls Ambulance and Enron Wind, and the group=01,s=
ability to work together as a team.=20

Incredible news! Incredible effort! Incredible team!!!

A few facts about Enron Wind=01,s Safety Program =01)

? Enron Wind and the Kern Wind Energy Association (KWEA) have led the=20
industry in encouraging, promoting and training in environmental health and=
safety as it applies to the wind power industry.
? Enron Wind has maintained a standard safety program and employed dedicate=
safety personnel since its first turbine installation in 1981.
? Enron Wind has been proactively involved in KWEA=01,s safety Committee si=
it began in 1993.
? Through KWEA=01,s efforts tower rescue training has become an industry=20
? Tehachapi wind facilities trained in tower rescue include SeaWest, FPL, C=
Wind and Enron Wind.
? Enron Wind has offered CPR/First Aid and Tower Rescue training to others =
the industry for over six years.
? Enron Wind has 20 certified EMT and AED (Automated External Defibrillator=
? At least one Enron Wind EMT is employed at each Enron Wind site with more=
than 5 employees.
? There are two additional employees currently enrolled in EMT training.
? Dennis credits much of the above accomplishment to Enron Wind=01,s abilit=
y to=20
recognize the need for highly trained safety personnel and Darrell Orban=01=
support and understanding in leading the effort over the past decade.