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Subject:Manage your sales effectively on the Web
Date:Tue, 17 Oct 2000 14:01:00 -0700 (PDT)

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We're convinced that once you try our sales management solution,
you'll understand why thousands of other executives are using
mynetsales.com to more easily and effectively manage their global
sales efforts, online. That's why we'd like you to try
mynetsales.com for Free for 60 days.

Traditional sales contact and management systems are simply too
complicated and costly to install and maintain. With
mynetsales.com, there are No hardware, No software and No
information technology costs. Because mynetsales.com is Web-
based, it frees you from the time and expense of buying, installing
and maintaining special software and hardware. The benefit to you
is that mynetsales.com is easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use. Even
more important, it is fully customizable to the unique needs and
organizational structure of your company. mynetsales.com also
gives you peace of mind knowing that critical customer and sales
data will never be lost.

All you need is Internet access. mynetsales.com allows you to
quickly and easily set up your sales team and begin managing sales
in real time, regardless of sales force size or location. Features
include contact and opportunity management, calendar, team
scheduling, and sales forecasting and reporting. One of
mynetsales.com's innovative features is its flexible Sales Process
Builder and Manager. Designed to be as simple or complex as your
selling process requires, the Sales Process Manager tracks each
step of your company's selling process with every customer,
reminding your sales team of next steps and deadlines, helping to
maximize sales.

So, visit us at:
and see why mynetsales.com is revolutionizing the world of sales

P.S. Mark Gibbs from Network World recently wrote that
mynetsales.com's sales process builder, along with its group
functionality, provide a "powerful" approach to handling customer
relationship management.

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