Enron Mail

Subject:Management Conference 2000
Cc:cindy.olson@enron.com, vanessa.groscrand@enron.com,rosalee.fleming@enron.com
Bcc:cindy.olson@enron.com, vanessa.groscrand@enron.com,rosalee.fleming@enron.com
Date:Tue, 15 Aug 2000 05:05:00 -0700 (PDT)


I have been working to put together the business agenda for the Management
Conference in November. The theme I am proposing is "Reinventing Enron ...
Again!" I believe the theme is timely as we celebrate our 15 year history
and address significant changes for the future.

Attached is a draft of the agenda for your review. I had an opportunity to
run it by Jeff last week. He was happy with the theme and the first day's
schedule. He asked that we keep the second day open given the changes that
will likely develop between now and November. He felt the second day might
best be used to establish a new "manifest" for the company. We will, of
course, remain flexible. However, I am showing you the agenda as Jeff saw it
as an example of how the day might run.

Also, on the first day, we'd like to have a spokesperson from Blockbuster
speak between Tom Peters and Gary Hamil. Mr. Peters will help set the theme
by discussing the need for successful companies to reinvent themselves. Mr.
Hamil will present tactical strategies for innovation. Our thought is that a
Blockbuster spokesperson could discuss their company's experience with
reinvention -- they are in an interesting situation as the delivery
mechanisms for their products are evolving. Would you recommend we invite
John Antioco, chairman & CEO, or Mark Gilman, president of New Media?
Several have indicated that Mr. Gilman would be a more provocative speaker
and better equipped to address the theme of reinvention.

I look forward to your feedback and/or suggestions.

Terrie James