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Subject:RE: Message for Ken Lay ENRON re Sept. 20
Date:Mon, 11 Sep 2000 07:16:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Mr. Lay if I can be of help to Enron while still living in Mexico, I
would need to know by Sept. 20 (mid next week).


John Hunter

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< From: John Hunter
< Sent: August 23, 2000 3:59 PM
< To: 'klay@enron.com'
< Subject: Message for Ken Lay ENRON
< Dr. Mr. Lay,
< I apologize for the "cold call" by e-mail, but this appears to be the
< easiest way to contact you, given communications from Mexico, where I am
< currently working and living. We did meet some years ago at a conference
< in Houston when I was a VP of Union Gas, Ontario, Canada, which was later
< bought by Westcoast Energy and to which I migrated.
< I served as Vice President, International, of Westcoast Energy Inc. for 5
< years after Union Gas. A year ago I elected to form my own consulting
< company when Westcoast constricted its international program in Asia, my
< prime area of interest at that time, to fund Alliance and their Mexican
< projects. I remain on very good terms with Westcoast and have since done
< considerable work in Mexico for them. Our Asia work was a real success,
< and we built the first Canadian power plant in China, and acquired and
< expanded a $550 MM US power plant in Indonesia. Both are business and
< technical successes, and both were developed and built under my
< leadership.
< My current 8 month consulting assignment here in Mexico City for a large
< multi-national joint venture wraps up this month, and I am now seeking
< other employment. We would be happy to stay in Latin America/Caribbean, go
< back on the Asia beat, or try another geographical location. My
< preference is contract work, full or part time, although I would consider
< full time permanent employment. I thought perhaps Enron might have
< opportunities for someone with my experience and talents.
< My interests are primarily business development. Although an engineer by
< training, I have been in the business and operations side for the last 20
< years. My main area has been natural resources and energy. I also enjoy
< strategy work, and apparently am good at it, judging by the results from
< the international plan I did as the first ever VP, International at
< Westcoast Energy.
< One item of note regarding project feasibility - while I ran Westcoast
< Energy's Asia business development and operations, we invested (with
< partners) over $600 MM US in five years with a total staff of 5 (including
< clerical), and a write-off rate of 0.14% of capital invested - possibly a
< record low. I have good systems for risk review and mitigation, and to
< screen projects, countries, partners, and agents.
< The contracts I have been working on in Mexico are Pemex contracts, but
< are similar to the contracts used by CFE for IPPs, and drafted by the same
< law firm, if Rosarito is any example. Having worked on $60 MM claims
< under these contracts, I am very familiar with the problems that these
< contracts have, the various possible interpretations, and the possible
< "fixes". If, as I suspect, Enron are interested in more power
< development in the rapidly expanding/opening Mexican IPP market, I believe
< I could offer solid advice on the contracts, the players, and the risks.
< The first page of my CV is below in e-mail form. If it is of interest,
< the complete CV is attached. A list of services my consulting company
< provides is available upon request. We are basically a boutique business
< consulting firm, consisting of former senior executives of Canadian energy
< firms/governments. Some of us, myself included, offer multi-lingual
< capabilities.
< I can be reached in Mexico City at phone (52) 5290-0117, fax (52) 5291
< 9627 or at the e mail in the CV at any time, or at this e-mail for the
< next two months.
< I would appreciate if you could circulate this note and my CV to the
< appropriate parties in Enron.
< Sincerely,
< John Hunter, P. Eng.
< 338 Roche Point Drive
< North Vancouver, BC, Canada V7G 2M2
< Tele: (1-604) 929-3415
< Fax: (1-604) 929-7168
< E-Mail: johnhunter@idmail.com
< A senior business executive in the energy sector,
< with more than 30 years of diverse experience in Canada and overseas in
< petroleum refining, the upstream oil and gas industry, natural gas utility
< operations and management, and international operations and business
< development in the natural gas and power infrastructure business.
< Multi-lingual.
< * Successful consultant to international joint
< ventures in facilitation, contract disputes, claims, and business
< development, living and working overseas.
< * As the first Vice-President, International, of Canada's 17th largest
< company, developed the international strategic plan, and then developed,
< built and operated successful international energy projects.
< * Served as President and/or Director of five power generation joint
< ventures.
< * As V.P. of Canada's largest integrated gas utility, developed and
< implemented policy to lead the company into the de-regulated environment.
< * Restructured, re-staffed and changed the culture of an operating
< department of 220, while accomplishing profitable growth and business
< change.
< * Developed and innovatively financed heavy oil projects, and
< completed the successful disposition of $500 MM of oil and gas assets.
< * General management skills include leadership, strategic planning,
< marketing, risk assessment/mitigation, operations and project management.
< * Introduction of innovation/change in human
< and technical fields.
< * Proven record of significant
< industry-recognized accomplishments.
< * Proven record as a very strong negotiator
< and contract expert.