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The courses I remember from our trips:
Pevero GC-Costa Smeralda? Sardinia??????????????????????????????????
Royal St. Kitts GC?????????????????????????????????????
Golf Ugolino? Florence??????????????
Sperone GC? Corsica????????
Royal Malta GC??????
Eldorado? Cabo???????????
Maroon Creek????????
Ken and Mick may remember others (but I doubt it). I look forward to being
with you and to seeing the latest product of your fertile imagination.

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Subject: Planning monkey business

Harry (or, again, should I address you as "Houston's Sugar Daddy" as they
at the ADL luncheon)

I am going to take about 1/2 of my golf clubs to Europe on the coming trip.
Mick will probably take his 5 iron. ?If you and Ken take your clubs then we
could have fun, exchange money, and get some exercise together.

In this regard, since you are the student of golf courses everywhere why
don't you extract from some of your library of golf books some suggested
courses to play. If you do not have this info in your library I will be glad
to work on this.

Also, and the real point of this e-mail, I want to ask you to do something
for all of us. I need to know the exact names of the courses we have played
on previous trips. I know you saved ball markers etc from each course and my
old brain does not remember these course names. As you well know, I normally
"tear up" score cards after each match. ??I ask you to do this for a reason.
I have a little gift for each golfer that will serve as a record of courses
played by us, but I need the names of the past ones played. ?There is no
on this request. ?If you will do this, simply bring the list to the
you can give this info to me after take off on May 29th. ?If you do not have
this info at your "finger tips," so be it, we will simply "wing it."

Hope all is well with you and Macey. ?Brenda and I will see you guys at the
next ??function, honoring "Houston's Sugar Daddy" ?and his better half a
from Saturday, if not before.


cc ?Mick, you are welcome to put your 5 iron in my bag, no charge.