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Subject:Re: Band
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Date:Thu, 9 Sep 1999 11:25:00 -0700 (PDT)

Wonderful! I hadn't received an e-mail back from her so I didn't think she
had talked to them. Great, I'll share whatever information I have with you

Kenneth Lay@ENRON
09/09/99 03:58 PM
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Subject: Re: Band

Hi Liz -

I called your Dad to tell him about your e-mail and the band. He is in Vail
today. He asked me to call to try to lock in the band, but they have already
had a call from Linda Kessler, so they are getting a quote to her today and
hopefully a contract by tomorrow. I think that is all o.k. I talked to
Jennifer. I'll fax your Dad the e-mail tonight, so he can see the rest of

Take care!


Elizabeth Lay@AZURIX
09/09/99 01:53 PM
To: Kenneth Lay/Corp/Enron@Enron
cc: "Linda Lay" <mrslinda@lplpi.com<
Subject: Band

Dad, & Linda-
Can you go ahead and contact the band, I sent an e-mail to the wedding
coordinator and she has not responded (she is new to e-mail) and I'm afraid
we might lose them. Also, she recommended a photographer out of Atlanta, I
love his work, he does candid more so than the traditional portraits. He also
did a number of the Kennedy's weddings, etc. I'll try and get a price quote,
but I might need your help in negotiations. Also, she send some information
on a decorator/ florist who seems phenomenal, I don't know if Linda might be
willing to help me out with that as she knows a lot more about both flowers
and decoration than I do. The Ballroom at the Ritz is pretty basic and he can
turn it into anything but basic. Also, that we if we find a church that is
not so amazing, he can decorate that as well.
The name of the photographer is Dennis Reggie and his number is 404-
873-8088. Linda Kessler has all the information on the florist, her number
is 888 524 1326.
Mom is going to be responsible for the RSVP's for the wedding. I will get a
fax machine this weekend.
Let me know if this is a problem and I will try and arrange some of this from
down here, it is just difficult for people to call internationally.
I love you!
Liz & Jose Luis