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Date:Wed, 4 Oct 2000 01:21:00 -0700 (PDT)

Below is a message from Sachio Semmoto in response to my e-mail to him

Dorothy, since he did not suggest a time for the meeting, I'll suggest 9:00
a.m. on Friday, October 13 - as Mercedes said that would work for Ken. We'll
do the meeting in Jeff's office. I'll also forward the original
corrspondence from Ronnie Chan to you. SRS
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"Dr. Sachio Semmoto" <sem@coral.ocn.ne.jp< on 10/03/2000 10:17:42 PM
To: <Sherri.Sera@enron.com<
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Subject: Re: Meeting in Houston

(Miss Sera - would you please kindly pass on this message to Messrs.
Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling and Ken Rice)

Dear Dr. Ken Lay, Mr. Jeff Skilling and Mr.Ken Rice,

Thank you very much for meeting us on October 13.
I think Ronnie has already left you a brief message about eAccess. Let me
fill you in with some more background information about us.
I am the founder of DDI (the second largest wireline and wireless private
telecom operator in Japan). Today's DDI market capitalization is around $20
billion. I left DDI at the end of 1995 and became a professor and Keio
University Business School for 4 years. I have also been an active member in
the government telecom deregulation committee. I left Keio University last
year and founded eAccess in November 1999. With less than one year in
operation, eAccess has already established a strong presence in the Japanese
telecom market. We have three phases in our long-term business plan, (1)
broadband access network; (2) CSP and ASP streaming related business; (3) IP
metropolitan backbone infrastructure business. As we are currently looking
for the best global strategic partner to achieve the goal together, we
believe that Enron could become a strong potential partner in Japan.

If you need any more information about eAccess, please do not hesitate to
call or email me.
I am looking forward to seeing you on October 13.


Dr. Sachio Semmoto

PS : Please advise me email addresses of Messrs. Lay, Skilling and Rice.