Enron Mail

Subject:Re: Your E-mail address
Date:Tue, 8 Aug 2000 06:33:00 -0700 (PDT)

Ken Lay wrote:

"Loyal -

I was really disappointed you and Lavonne were not able to make the Rees
reunion. I was looking forward to catching up with both of you.

Our broadband business is doing great. Just a few days ago, we announced a
video-on-demand service we will be providing with Blockbuster. It has
created a lot of interest.

In general, my family is doing very well. Linda and I now have six grandkids
(four new ones since the first of the year) plus Elizabeth's wedding. Let's
stay in touch.


Loyal Lay <loyal_lay@yahoo.com< on 08/05/2000 06:25:04 PM
To: klay@enron.com
Subject: Your E-mail address

Hi Kenny: Bonny sent me your E-mail address and
so I am trying it out. Sorry we could not make it
to the party. The temperature is very warm here
in Kansas today. I checked Enron stock recently
and it looks like it is doing fine. I am
particularly interested in your venture into the
fiber optics communications business and the
windpower. We sold our interest in the Cellular
business last year and I think the land line
company will be sold soon. We sold to Allied
Telephone Coimpany of Little Rock. Two other
engineers and myself put Kansas Cellular together
about 14 years ago. Then we built a fiber system
from East to West across Kansas. That was sold
with the Cellular. Take care of yourself-Loyal

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