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Subject:Re: meeting
Date:Fri, 1 Sep 2000 02:54:00 -0700 (PDT)

Monday, September 11 at 3pm for 45 minutes or so works fine. I plan to
arrive at Bush International airport at 12 noon and depart at 6pm. I very
much look forward to our meeting and discussion. A preliminary list of some
of the largest Houston corporations would include (Compaq Computer, American
General, BMC Software, Conoco, Sysco, Waste Management, Coastal, Houston
Industries, Baker Hughes, Shell Oil), but we can discuss this once we've
outlined the objectives of such a regional meeting to promote the case for
corporate philanthropy. Chuck Lee (Verizon) is planning to host a similar
meeting in Dallas.

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< Hi Mr. Moore -
< I did hear back from Mr. Lay. Will September 11 at 3:00 p.m. work for
< I look forward to hearing from you.
< Rosalee
< "Charles Moore" <CHMoore1@email.msn.com< on 08/23/2000 08:57:49 AM
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< Subject: meeting
< With regard to working out a convenient date to meet with you, Rosalee
< suggested that your week of September 4 is pretty well booked-up. Would
< either September 11 or 13 work? After that I have to join Norm Blake at
< the Olympics in Sydney. While all of this can de done by phone, as deputy
< to the chairmen, I'm making every effort to meet (albeit briefly) with
< each Committee member. If you are willing to host a meeting in Houston, I
< want to make every effort to have Paul Newman in attendance.