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Subject:Recommendation of Carol Hensley
Date:Mon, 6 Nov 2000 00:24:00 -0800 (PST)

John Sherriff and I are recommending Carol Hensley (VP Marketing and=20
Communications at Azurix) for a VP position in John=01,s organization. Car=
was a director in the Enron PR group before moving to Azurix. Her new role=
would be to support EnronCredit.com. A critical success factor for=20
EnronCredit.com will be to establish a strong brand in the coming months.

In her time at Azurix, Carol has added significantly to her skills and=20
experience. I spoke with John Garrison at length about Carol=01,s performa=
at Azurix. She has expanded her marketing services skills and provided=20
significant support in the investor relations arena. Garrison relates that=
the Azurix commercial leaders view Carol as a partner, informed about the=
business and instrumental in handling crises and pursuing business=20

John Sherriff and Ken Lay join me in recommending that Carol keep her VP=
title as she returns to Enron. =20

A copy of Carol's resume is attached.