Enron Mail

Subject:Report Company Policies Violations
Date:Fri, 27 Oct 2000 01:22:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Mr. Kenneth Lay

This is a request for an investigation, of Company Policies abuse.

Mr. Kenneth Lay
Enron Compliance Officer
CONFIDENTIAL - Conduct of Business Affairs
P.O. Box 1188
Houston, Texas 77251-1188

This is my plea for Help, and Official Complain against my supervisor Jean

My name is Adam Kuti
Senior Designer at Nepco 055-50-7538
<<Enron Compliance Officer.doc<<
I have bean working at NEPCO since 04/24/2000.
I had reported Company polices violations, against my self of being subject
of a discriminating abusive, insulting, harassing, unfair treatment by my
Supervisor Jean Mortellaro.

I had filed a verbal complaint in September this year, bot with Jean
Mortellaro's supervisor Bob Cano and
With the personnel manager Robin Johnson, and I have bean Ignored
At this point the ABUSE continue getting worse and started to effect my
I have bean working hard at my job as a designer and and helping to train
I have a good relationship with my fellow workers and we have mutual
I bean treated abusively disrespectfully discriminatingly because my Origin,
and or my Age and because she just don't like me.
She is accusing me not doing my job destroying database. Coming up with all
kind of an accusation trying to say that I can not do my job. I had try to
swallow the insult and consult harassment from here, since I like my job and
what I am doing but I cant take any more.
Please help me to investigate these meters.

Sincerely Adam Kuti

I have proof and additional information to buck up my claim, if you need any
Moore information please don't hesitate to contact me at
Adam Kuti
16201 E. Dakota Pl # B Aurora Co. 80017
303 873-1515
303 517-6668
E-mail qttolna@hotmail.com <mailto:qttolna@hotmail.com<
Qta1@home.com <mailto:Qta1@home.com<
Please help me!

- Enron Compliance Officer.doc