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Subject:UTC Sales Call
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Date:Wed, 11 Oct 2000 05:07:00 -0700 (PDT)

At UTC's request, yesterday Mike Jackson and I met with Kent Brittan, VP,
Global Sourcing, and members of his sourcing group. As you remember, we
first met Kent when Tom White, Dan Leff, Harold Buchanan and I called on him
two years ago. At the time, we presented an early version of a fully bundled
energy outsource in partnership with Fluor Daniel and a local real estate
management firm.

Over the last two years, UTC attempted various energy procurement strategies,
failing to execute any.

Brittan was very pleased with the content of our revised proposal yesterday,
and told us he would be taking the revised partnership strategy we discussed
directly to George David, CEO.

Brittan will also be taking the preliminary concept to UTC Corporate
Treasury, to gain its buy in on the financing aspects of the deal required to
support the demand side management infrastructure investments it so
desperately needs to affect the energy consumption reduction to which David
committed two years ago.

Barring a problem there, it appears we have finally engaged UTC in an
exclusive negotiating relationship that would yield a large scale outsource
of energy supply and demand side investment operations in all the UTC
companies, excepting Carrier. Carrier continues to insist it be treated
separately, and Brittan has decided to carve it out, rather than hold up the
entire deal. I think that strategy is part of what he will be speaking to
David about.

I requested, and Brittan agreed, that Karl Kropic (COO) be the executive

Mike Jackson who has worked on and off with UTC over the past 18 months will
be the lead Originator for EES moving forward.