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Subject:[Fwd: FW: Private Placement Memorandum]
Date:Wed, 6 Sep 2000 02:17:00 -0700 (PDT)

Attached is the private placement memorandum for nCUBE. I will be
e-mailing you additional information shortly. I told Larry Ellison last
night of our conversation and he is estatic that you are considering
joining us on the board of the company.

By the way, with respect to AZX, I have been thinking of ways of
financing water analogously to mortgage debt securitization. Since
water in fact is a scarce resource, either due to the availability or
infrastructure for deliver, perhaps water "value" can be tiered with
different risk/reward relationships per each tier. Just a thought.

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Subject: FW: Private Placement Memorandum
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From: Muller, Jennifer [mailto:JMuller@HLHZ.com]
Sent: Friday, September 01, 2000 7:53 AM
To: 'Wanda Barquero'
Cc: 'Mike Pohl'
Subject: RE: Private Placement Memorandum

<<Executive Summary2.pdf<<

< -----Original Message-----
< From: Wanda Barquero [SMTP:wanda@ncube.com]
< Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2000 3:14 PM
< To: Jennifer Muller (E-mail)
< Subject: Private Placement Memorandum
< Jennifer, can you please email to me and copy Mike Pohl, he can't print
< off
< his laptop.
< Thanks

- Executive Summary2.pdf