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Subject:ADV: Pay-As-You-Grow Networking
Date:Thu, 10 Jan 2002 08:55:29 -0800 (PST)

This message is from Harte-Hanks on behalf of Array Networks.

Running a web site has never been more challenging. The high volume of traffic and customized content has placed unprecedented demands on your network to achieve desired web site performance.

In the past, the solution has been to acquire more servers and software to handle such tasks as load balancing, caching, SSL acceleration, and security. Unfortunately, traditional approaches employ multiple pieces of hardware from a variety of vendors that are not only difficult to implement and support, but are also exceedingly expensive. With many IT budgets being frozen or reduced, chances are you can't afford what you need.

Until now

The Array family of Web traffic management appliances integrates the following seven essential features into a single, powerful device: Server Load Balancing, Caching, SSL Acceleration, Global Server Load Balancing, Webwall for Web Security, Content Rewrite and Clustering. Array appliances offer four distinct product platforms and different pay-as-you-grow solution packages, so you can choose the hardware features, software capabilities and pricing that meet your requirements. More importantly, only Array provides a built-in upgrade path and lets you quickly and economically add capabilities with just a phone call-avoiding expensive service calls to add hardware or install other devices.

Over a period of 3 years, an Array 1000 can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by as much as 78%.
* Hardware costs reduced by as much as 73%
* Operations costs cut by up to 68%
* Maintenance costs cut by as much as 78%
* Power consumption (part of operations costs) trimmed by up to 87%
* Rack space (part of operating costs) conserved by up to 68%

Ziff Davis' e-testing labs confirmed in September 2001 that the Array 1000 performed 4,312 HTTP requests per second using a pool of nine Web servers and delivered 131 percent to 185 percent more HTTP requests per second than Cisco's Arrowpoint CSS 11800 and Nortel's Alteon 180e. Impressed? The bottom line is even better: The Array Networks 7-in-One solution costs nearly half as much as Cisco's single box solution.

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