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Subject:ADV: Prove Software Compliance Fast With Tally Systems
Date:Tue, 8 Jan 2002 19:01:57 -0800 (PST)

This message is from Harte-Hanks on behalf of Tally Systems Corp.
Under scrutiny by the BSA? The Business Software Alliance has announ=
ced a compliance program in your area. Tally Systems can help you prove yo=
ur software license compliance in days, not months. The BSA is giving =
companies in your area the month of January to prove software license com=
pliance. Are you sure that your company owns licenses for all installed s=
oftware? Move quickly to prove your license compliance. Tally Systems W=
ebCensus provides instant and accurate PC inventories over the Web. There'=
s nothing to build, install or manage. Demo WebCensus on your own PC to =
see how easy it is. Assure ongoing software compliance. Download our FR=
EE white paper "A Winning Software Compliance Strategy: Covering All the =
Bases" to learn how to set up an ongoing tracking program. Visit our Web=
site for more information on all our IT inventory products - fast and af=
fordable solutions for your software audit needs. Tally Systems - T=
he IT Asset Tracking Leader[IMAGE] =09

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