Enron Mail

Subject:A dissapointed stockholder
Date:Tue, 30 Oct 2001 23:14:37 -0800 (PST)

I have been an Enron stockholder for several years and I am very disappoin=
ted with the events of the last two weeks. I find the allegations of acco=
unting irregularities incredible. I would like to know how closely the bo=
ard had been monitoring the activities of the CFO and whether it approved =
the partnerships that have led to the SEC investigation and the dramatic d=
ecline in the company's stock price. I would suggest that the compensatio=
n of senior management may be too heavily weighted towards bonuses (giving=
some the incentive to manipulate the numbers to increase their bonuses) a=
nd not heavily weighted enough towards stock options. I would hope in the=
future the goals of the board and senior management will be aligned with =
stockholders (increasing shareholder value). While I know it is not reaso=
n to have expected the stock price to stay in the high 80s, I consider the =
drop in the last two weeks (apparently as the result of fraud) to be inex=
cusable. I believe the board owes all stockholders an explanation that wi=
ll finally clear the air about this mess (maybe the markets will trust Enro=
n again if it replaces evasion with candor). Please help return credibili=
ty and ethics to this company, which apparently are badly needed.
Wayne Heilman
Owner of 1,800 Enron shares (in my children's college fund)