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Subject:Airport Security Overkill? & Clinton Team Running
Date:Wed, 9 Jan 2002 11:53:00 -0800 (PST)

Crossfire at 7:30 p.m. ET
On January 9, 2002
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From CNN's Crossfire Staff:

Tonight in the CROSSFIRE... After a U.S. congressman is
asked to drop his trousers and a young Muslim woman has
to remove her head scarf, some are asking if airport
security has gone too far. Is security screening going
overboard, or are these measures necessary to prevent
future terrorist attacks? Should more sensitivity be
applied to religious practices, or should everyone expect
to be subjected to extensive searches? What is the best
way to keep the skies safe and not violate passengers'
rights? We are joined by Enaas Sarsour, the young lady
asked to remove her head scarf at the Baltimore airport
last month, and then, two security experts debate whether
the added barriers are equating to increased safety
in the air.

Then, Robert Reich announced his candidacy for
Massachusetts governor today and joins many of his former
Clinton administration cabinet members in running for
public office. Will they be running on the record of their
former boss or running away from it? Can Former Attorney
General Janet Reno and Former Energy Secretary Bill
Richardson escape the controversies that dogged them in
office and become governors of their home states? Former
Clinton White House Spokesman Joe Lockhart and top
Republican Strategist Charlie Black join us to discuss
the candidates prospects.

Join Bill Press and Tucker Carlson tonight on Crossfire,
7:30pm eastern, 4:30 pacific. On CNN. You won't want to
miss what the hosts have to say about Vice President
Cheney's continued hibernation.

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