Enron Mail

Subject:American Heart Association
Cc:cindy'.'olson@enron.com, misha.siegel@enron.com
Bcc:cindy'.'olson@enron.com, misha.siegel@enron.com
Date:Fri, 19 Oct 2001 08:23:38 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Ken,

I wrote you some time back about the campaign to raise ca. $4 million to
replace the American Heart Association's Houston regional headquarters
building which burned this past April. You were so kind in putting us in
touch with Cindy Olson and Misha Siegel to discuss Enron's corporate
position and the potential for assistance from the Ken and Linda Lay
Foundation. We deeply appreciated our meeting with Cindy and Misha.

Things have been progressing I'm pleased to say. AHA has concluded a deal
to sell the restored old building for approximately $1.15 million, and we
have received substantial commitments from a very few individuals and
Houston area foundations totaling approximately $600,000. Therefore, our
remaining challenge is to raise around $2-$2.25 million to complete the
funding of a new building that will meet the needs of AHA in the years to

We have not yet been able to identify a very visible corporate or
professional lead for the effort. We will be discussing this possibility
with Ernie Cockrell on November 6th. As part of that conversation we would
like to indicate notable leaders in Houston who would be willing to have
their names affiliated with the capital campaign, perhaps as an Executive
Committee or Advisory Committee. The question to you is: Would you approve
the use of your name in your capacity at Enron and/or the name of the Ken
and Linda Lay Foundation in this way?

Again, the AHA and I have been so deeply appreciative of your willingness to
support the American Heart Association for so many years. I hope we can
call on you for this additional assistance at a time of need.

Thanks, Ken, for your consideration.

Best regards,

Mike Stinson
Conoco Inc.