Enron Mail

Subject:An Enron Employee's Perspective
Date:Thu, 15 Nov 2001 11:48:12 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mr. Lay,

It would be difficult for me to describe the excitement I experienced when I
first knew that I was soon to be an Enron employee over a year ago. I came
into Enron in EES August 2000 as an Account Manager in the Costa Mesa
office. I asked for the most challenging assignment available and was given
the opportunity to manage the relationship and contract execution between
EES and the majority of our marquis national customers (Owens-Corning,
Suiza, Quebecor, General Cable, Packaged Ice etc). I really loved that
assignment and (according to the PRC) was excellent at what I did.

I (like many others at Enron) left a very lucrative job to join EES and I
have turned away several opportunities since joining the company. I had
envisioned being a part of something as exciting and innovative as Enron as
more rewarding than following more lucrative job offers. Now, I find myself
in a position that I would have never dreamed of:
* I'm uncertain about my job security
* Like so many others, I've lost significant personal wealth
* I'm not proud or excited to tell others that I work for
* I fight with my instinct to leave hoping that I can be a
part of something good coming from all of this.

I don't understand how this could have happened. So many decent, hard
working, loyal, honest people are being devastated by the results of
questionable management, a lack of leadership and the appearance of abject
greed among Enron Sr. executives. This is a truly sad state of affairs that
will be the subject of so many "B" school projects most of which will focus
on our mistakes.

So, what can a guy so far down the food chain do these days to help right
the ship? I am here, I do not want to abandon ship and I am ready willing
and able to make a difference. Mr. Lay, there are some brilliant employees
buried below layers of management that have proven little more than
incompetence. Consider finding time to visit the troops in the field and
solicit input. I believe you can find more hope for resurrection out here
than behind the filters that exist between you and your real employees.

My prayers are with you,

Robert Davis, Regional Sales Manager
Enron Facility Services
611 Anton Blvd. Suite 700
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Office 714-434-1800 ext.455
Cell 714-267-0968
Pager 888-935-2143
Fax 714-434-7075