Enron Mail

To:butterworth@oag.state.fl.us, ag@oag.state.fl.us
Subject:Attacking The Victim Aids The Criminals
Date:Thu, 3 Jan 2002 07:08:20 -0800 (PST)

P.O. Box 320932 Cocoa Beach, Florida USA 32932-0932 3 January 2002 Su=
bj: Attacking The Victim Aids The Criminals Bob Butterworth Florida =
Attorney General butterworth@oag.state.fl.us AG@oag.state.fl.us Dear =
Attorney General, Re: 19 December 2001 ltr. subj: "Complai=
nt Against Enron," from Office Of Attorney General, Jeffrey M. Dikman, Assi=
stant Attorney General, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A copy is provided for y=
our convenience (as item 6) via the site index page at: http://members.fo=
rtunecity.com/corruptioningovernment/ The referenced letter s=
tated, "The Florida State Board of Administration, which administers Florid=
a's public pension plans, will be seeking to be appointed lead plaintiff in=
the pending Texas class action against Enron and others." Suc=
h action appears to be joining to administer a death blow to Enron stockhol=
ders as a service to International Organized Crime whose agents, as Wall St=
reet Market Operators, have severely and extensively watered Enron and othe=
r securities through the sale of bogus, counterfeit receipts. Whereas, th=
e real responsible entities (in the case of Enron) are the New York Stock E=
xchange officers and specialists serving those profiting via the secret omn=
ibus accounts through which funds from the sale of bogus, counterfeit recei=
pts are distributed to secret unidentified parties. The existence of thos=
e secret omnibus accounts has been documented in US Congressional Reports. =
Certain officers of Enron Corporation obviously have been priv=
y to certain aspects of the aforecited illicit activities and deliberately =
helped to set up Enron Corporation for bankruptcy. In doing so, they were=
privy to planned negative manipulation of Enron securities prices and rewa=
rded by early and profitable sales of securities held by them. =
Again, may I caution against actions detrimental to Enron stockholders whi=
le transferring blame and liability to the Corporation and naive officers (=
fallguys) thereof while ignoring the real criminal parties whose actions ar=
e ultimately robbing all citizens. Sincerely, Mr. Dana E. Brown Lookse=
e@rocketmail.com cc: Jeffrey M. Dikman Assistant Attorney Gener=
al Office of the Attorney General Economic Crimes Division: Jeffrey_Dikman@=
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