Enron Mail

Subject:CERAWeek 2002: A Message from Daniel Yergin
Date:Mon, 5 Nov 2001 09:28:19 -0800 (PST)

Dr. Kenneth L. Lay
Chairman & CEO
Enron Corp.

Dear Dr. Lay:

In the wake of recent events, I want to confirm that CERA is proceeding
with CERAWeek 2002, to be held in Houston, Texas on February 11-15,
2002. This year's theme "The New Face of Risk: Energy Strategies for
the Changed World" will offer timely insight on the new economic and
geopolitical realities - and their implications for the energy future.
The events of the past weeks have had a profound impact on all segments
of the energy industry. We look forward to our February gathering as an
opportunity for leaders of the energy community to exchange ideas. For
complete details of the event, please visit our website at:

To help us plan for such a large-scale event, we ask you to consider
registering early this year. To acknowledge your early commitment and
support for CERAWeek, we are offering significant incentives for early
registration, as follows:

* Flexible Enrollment Options - Beginning this year, the standard CERA
advisory service agreements include a two-day conference pass - clients
can choose between Oil & Gas events (Tuesday and Wednesday) or Gas &
Power events (Wednesday afternoon through Friday luncheon). For an
additional fee, clients using pre-paid seats may choose a four-day
CERAWeek pass.

* Early Registration Incentive - Clients registering prior to November
30 will be automatically upgraded from the standard two-day pass to a
four-day pass to allow you to maximize the value of and insights derived
from CERAWeek.

* Online Registration - CERA.com members will be able to register online
at http://www.cera.com/ceraweek2002/register/ . Non-members can complete
an online application for registration at the same site.

CERAWeek 2002 will feature several innovations designed to enhance your
experience and interaction:

* Security Enhancements - Including tightened registration and
credentialing, and other measures in advance and on-site. We are
committed to preserving the relaxed and informal interaction that is a
hallmark of CERAWeek, and appreciate your understanding for any
inconvenience caused by these necessary precautions.

* Expert Briefings - Focused, highly interactive sessions including
presentation and discussion with CERA experts and industry peers.

* Strategic Tracks - Finance, Environment, Technology and Markets -
Offering an integrated agenda across the week, underscoring the key
linkages and common themes across energy segments and regions.

* Enhanced CERAWeek Online - Expanded multimedia coverage offering
highlights and interviews, conference panels, live simulcasts, and
coverage of keynote, plenary, and expert briefing presentations allow
participants to gain lasting value; and to share the learning and
sessions across your organization. This enhanced coverage will be
available on an enterprise-wide basis for an additional fee; early
enrollees (prior to December 15) will receive a 20% discount. More
information on this new feature can be found on our website at:
http://www.cera.com/ceraweek2002/cw02_premium.pdf .

CERAWeek 2002 is our most tangible expression of commitment to the
global energy community. Your participation is very meaningful. I wish
to thank you for your continued confidence in CERA. I hope that you will
register now to attend what we believe will be CERA's most important

For more information on the program and registration options please
visit http://www.cera.com/ceraweek2002 or call Steve McCarthy at +1 617
441 1308 or email smccarthy@cera.com with any further questions or

Best regards,

Daniel Yergin
CERA Chairman

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