Enron Mail

Subject:CERAWeek Update: Yergin/Stanislaw Commentary
Date:Tue, 15 Jan 2002 14:11:36 -0800 (PST)

Dr. Kenneth L. Lay
Chairman & CEO
Enron Corp.

Dear Dr. Lay:

CERAWeek 2002 is rapidly approaching and this year's gathering is a
particularly timely opportunity to gain perspective and new insight into
the energy future -- and what the new global realities mean for markets
and strategies. I wanted to update you on this 21st annual CERA
conference, "The New Face of Risk: Energy Strategies for a Changed
World," to be held in Houston on February 12-15.

To learn more please view a video interview with Joseph Stanislaw, CERA
President and CEO and me, or see the current agenda, by visiting our
website at http://www.cera.com/ceraweek/promo/ceraweek_lo.ram .
There you also will find a video overview of CERAWeek.

I want to extend my personal hope that you join us in Houston, and
become part of this exciting and influential tradition. Please enroll
at http://www.cera.com/ceraweek/register or e-mail register@cera.com.

I look forward to seeing you at CERAWeek 2002.


Daniel Yergin
Chairman, Cambridge Energy Research Associates

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