Enron Mail

Subject:Calif energy panle/ new energy policy for US
Date:Sat, 2 Jun 2001 16:03:41 -0700 (PDT)


We met when you were up at Sun Microsystems meeting with Scott and several
CEOs. I talked with you during and after the event. I'm still working with
the Governor's office to try to put in place a responsible panel for
evaluating Calif energy policy. Its very frustrating dealing with these
guys...with the lone exception of Freeman in the Governor's office who has
been the most supportive, reasonable, and responsive of all the folks I've
talked with.

I met with Senators Bingaman and Reid last night and discussed with them
accelerating the move from a fossil-fuel economy to a renewable/hydrogen
powered economy.

I, along with many experts in alternative energy, believe the time is now to
start the transition. Reid has been a long-time hydrogen proponent, and
Bingaman was surprised on how economically it can be done to convert. In
addition, Gephardt is already very supportive of this move, as I'm sure
Daschle will be as well (I had dinner with Daschle last night, but we didn't
discuss this issue, but I will when I meet with him again in DC next week).

There's no question that it's the right move for the country. But it's the
antithesis of the current Bush energy plan.

Will you join with me in supporting making this happen? If so, I will call
you to discuss next steps in formulating a responsible energy policy for

P.S. You may find the attached letter from NRDC president to Secretary
Whitman of interest.

Steve Kirsch

- WhitmanLetter.5.22.01.doc