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To:allstudents@howard.edu, allemployees@howard.edu, faculty@law.howard.edu
Subject:Campus Mail Advisory: On-Campus Mail Distribution RESUMES (11/14/01)
Date:Wed, 14 Nov 2001 12:49:21 -0800 (PST)

Update on Mail Distribution:

On Campus Mail Distribution Resumes

On-campus mail distribution resumed this afternoon (11/14/01). Initial
distribution may be slow
but is expected to pick up as mail that had been stored in a secured campus
facility is processed.
Pending the reopening of the University's Main Post Office in the
Administration Building, the mail
sorting and distribution activity is taking place at an alternate site in
the University Service Center.

University facilities that receive mail directly from the United States Post
Office will continue
to receive and process mail. The test results were negative for the East
(Divinity) Campus mail facility
and mail distribution for that Campus resumed this afternoon. The West
(Law) Campus is processing
mail from an alternate location while they await the results of tests taken
at their main processing

With the exception of Meridian Hill Hall, for which results are pending, the
off-campus dormitories
also received negative test results and this afternoon reactivated
distribution from their usual locations.

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