Enron Mail

Subject:Collaborative Project Management Solutions
Date:Thu, 13 Dec 2001 11:07:17 -0800 (PST)


My name is Kishore Rajaram, Marketing Manager with InventX, Inc.
(http://www.inventx.com). I am contacting you today to find out how you are
currently managing your existing and/or future projects at ENRON CORP. At
InventX, our Enterprise Project Management (ePM) solution uses best
practices to enhance your ability to manage multiple projects and at the
same time improve your internal processes equating to significant reduction
in rework and enormous potential for profit enhancement.

Our Unique Value Proposition: We will map our ePM solution to ENRON CORP's
both internal and external business needs! We provide highly customizable
web-based, industry specific solutions, which results in significant Return
on Investments. We have been instrumental in helping companies such as
Texas Instruments, Luminator, Park Nicollet, AMCC and more, strategically
align multitude of projects with their specific business goals. I look
forward to having an opportunity to explore these advantages with you in
more detail.

Please let me know if I can contact you or the appropriate individual at
(713) 970-2274 who is in charge of similar initiatives, to discuss and
demonstrate our comprehensive ePM application.

I am very interested in working with you KENNETH L.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks & Best Regards,

Kishore Rajaram,
Marketing Manager,
InventX, Inc.
972.808.0355 (Office)
972.808.0354 (Fax)
214.392.8962 (Cell)
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