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Subject:Dabhol India - Illegal Action and Criminal Conduct / violation of
Date:Sat, 13 Oct 2001 09:37:18 -0700 (PDT)

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I am an Enron employee.

I tried to send this e-mail using name of your high office as e-mail ID,
however the same came back as undelivered with the fatal error message from
server. Since the matter is very serious, I am respectfully marking it to
your direct attention and consideration.

With Kind Regards

Ravi Garg

From: "RAVI GARG" <gargravi@hotmail.com<
To: officeofthechairman@enron.com
CC: wade.cline@enron.com
Subject: Illegal Action and Criminal Conduct / violation of human rights
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 23:10:14 +0530

Enron Compliance officer

Re: Illegal Action:

I was working with Enron's offshore Power Operation CV at Dabhol Power
Plant, India since May 1998. I was very honest, sincere and hardworking.
There was no allegations on me. My work was always appreciated including by
visiting audit teams from Houston. However, I was very forthright when my
work was coming and even more whenever the interest of firm / Enron was at
stake including adherence to law. I also perused Enron's concept of " Know
Why". I was always ensuring the high dignity and value that was attached to
my job including of Respect, Integrity, Communication and Excellence.

However, despite that, the officer in-charge at Dabhol Complex for reasons
best known to him developed vengeance against me and on 17th August 2001, my
services were illegally terminated by unilaterally and while acting out of
the capacity, imposing an alleged severance plan with effect from 17th
August 2001 itself which was never disclosed to me or accepted by me.
Subsequently, I was forced upon a cheque of severance amount on 27th August
2001 which I received under protest and the notice of such protest was
served by me on firm in the interest of justice. I submit such a termination
is illegal, bad in law and void ab-initio and accordingly and when such an
action was not corrected by firm, I constrained to approach the Court of
law. I, therefore, request your attention to the illegality of such an
action and suitable redressal / correction of such an action in the form of
my reinstatement in the job.

Re: Criminal Conduct / Violation to Human Rights:

On 27th August 2001, subsequent to my protest representation, I was
criminally man handled by officers of the firm / Enron namely Kenneth D.
Lambert, P R Krishna Murthy, Capt. Samuel Singh and Arvind Dabar. Besides
other criminal acts, I was criminally insulted, detained, physically hurted
by these persons inasmuch as, security was ordered to place a guard on me
and at my house. I was not allowed to go back to my house and my access was
blocked and I was thrown out of the colony premises in night without any aid
or consideration and out of no fault of me.I was constrained to approach
state police for my protection. Police also registered a criminal offence
under various sections of Indian Penal code at police station against these
four persons for atrocities and violation of human rights on me.


1. As I have not even been given a hearing on the subject by any officer of
firm / Enron, I submit the case to your high office for giving me an
opportunity to place before you all the records and other relevant facts and

2. I request the above complaint may be investigated by your high office
including an opportunity to me to plead my case as requested herein above
following the concept of natural justice.

3. I request justice to me and deserving action against the culprits.

For this consideration of yours, I pray always duty bound.

Sincerely yours

Ravi Garg

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