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Subject:Economic Finger Pointing & Flight Safety
Date:Mon, 7 Jan 2002 12:29:00 -0800 (PST)

Crossfire at 7:30 p.m. ET
On January 7, 2002
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From CNN's Crossfire Staff:

Tonight in the CROSSFIRE... the economy is on the front
burner in Washington and the finger pointing continues
between the two political parties about who is to blame
for the economic downturn. Has President Bush set himself
up to follow the mistakes of his father by declaring that
repeal of his tax cut would come only "over my dead body"?
Has the White House misrepresented Majority Leader
Daschle's proposals by suggesting he is in favor of a tax
increase? Should everything be on the table in trying to
tackle the nation's economic losses? Will the president
be able to translate his high approval numbers on the
war on terrorism to the domestic front or have the
Democrats found an avenue to political success in 2002?
Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA), Chairman of the Natl. Republican
Congressional Cmte. and Rep. Martin Frost (D-TX),
Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, debate which
party has the best road map for economic recovery.

Then, this weekend a 15-year-old flight student piloted
a small plane into a Tampa office building in an apparent
suicide. Does this incident reveal major gaps in
monitoring general aviation? Should there be a crackdown
and greater regulation at flight schools or is that an
overreaction? Are small planes any more of a threat than
trucks or other vehicles? Could greater restrictions drive
small airports out of business? Mike Pangia, a flight
instructor and former FAA attorney argues that no added
regulations are necessary while former NTSB Managing
Director Peter Goelz says that additional oversight is
a must. They face off tonight.

Join Bill Press and Robert Novak tonight on Crossfire,
7:30pm eastern, 4:30 pacific. On CNN. You won't want to
miss our tale of which state is going to have four
governors in eight days.

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