Enron Mail

Subject:Emergency Help
Date:Fri, 21 Sep 2001 16:37:35 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Ken,
I hope things are going a little better. I am convinced you are under a great deal of stress, but you are a great leader and will survive it.
We just received some disturbing news from Enron. Photofete has served Enron for a year. Our contract was for one year, we met with Enron two months ago to discuss whether or not Photofete was meeting Enron's objectives. Marge Nadasky indicated that Enron was 100% happy. We talked about a new contract but Marge assured us that the time to process the contract under the new procedures was not worth it nor needed.
Enron has given us notice that they no longer require the services of Photofete. We feel a little misled. We would have been happy to have renegotiated a new contract that met the financial and service needs of Enron, but were never given the chance.
I have worked with Enron for over 7 years and I am shocked at this. I as well as anyone else who is running a business understand the crunch of our current economy. Everyone has to reduce costs.
Marge indicated that she was happy with the service but had to make cuts which we understand. What we do not understand is why they starting replacing our service 2 months ago before we had the opportunity to re-negotiate another contract.
We have already given one person notice and reduced our overhead, but we are truly disappointed.
Please give me a call at 713-816-2412.
Best Regards,
Jennifer Binder
President Photofete
713-807-7799 ext 131
713-816-2412 cell