Enron Mail

To:andrew.fastow@enron.com, a..hughes@enron.com, mike.mcconnell@enron.com,mark.frevert@enron.com, greg.whalley@enron.com, kenneth.lay@enron.com, london.brown@enron.com, rick.buy@enron.com
Subject:Enron Japan is at the entrance of "Bermuda Triangle"!!!
Date:Mon, 22 Oct 2001 04:57:09 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Enron's topmanagement,
We are not only concerned on the crashed stock but also Enron's
situation in Japan. The business here is too difficult!!!
How do you know the current situation here:

< Bad Reputation in Japan - if you say you are from Enron people will say
< Ignorance of Japanese Business - wasting many time on TOCOM, a market
controlled by mafia, those minor comnies want to cheat Enron's money
< Unsatisfactory business environment - deregulation will not proceed in
< Poor manegment - the office is like a kindergarden, the so called
have serious discrimmination with local staff; They do nothing
themselves just
ask the local "slave" to work hard and they go to vacation or business
< "Sato" means sweet in Japanese but Sato Project is not so sweet as you
Have you expected another "E-power"?

I have to say we are so dispointed with Enron!!!! Enron Japan is at the
of "Bermuda Triangle", we worry when will it dispear?

Enron Japan

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