Enron Mail

To:timothy.plaut@gs.com, ofanjul@omega-capital.com
Subject:Enron meeting
Date:Mon, 22 Oct 2001 02:42:15 -0700 (PDT)

Gavyn Davies, via Helen Turley, has asked me to give you some guidance as to
what you might include in your presentations at the meeting on October 31st.
I do so with trepidation, since I am sure that you know more about your
subject than I do, so please regard the following merely as suggestions to be
ignored if you deem it appropriate to do so.
We have blocked out two hours (9-11AM) to discuss market opportunities for
Enron in Spain and Germany. My understanding is that Oscar will go first, as
he has a plane to catch. I would suggest that each of you plan on speaking
for about 30 (no more than 40) minutes, so as to leave time for questions
from what will be a lively audience of Enron executives.
You might want to begin with a general description of the political
situation, followed by a description of the present and future state of the
economy in each country. Then, you might turn to a more specific discussion
of matters of interest to Enron: the state of regulation and deregulation of
energy markets, the areas you consider should be of interest to Enron as
business opportunities, etc.
I do hope this is of help