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Subject:Extensity Connection
Date:Thu, 13 Dec 2001 10:03:20 -0800 (PST)

[IMAGE] Invest in Technology During a Recession During economic downturns there is a danger in placing too much focus on "cost cutting" rather than on "cost management," according to Extensity Inc., a leading provider of Internet-based applications for Employee Relationship Management (ERM). Click here to read article .
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] NEWS FROM THE INDUSTRY [IMAGE] Interview with Extensity CEO Bob Spinner, eView Investor The Net Best Thing: Expense Reports Made Inexpensive, Featuring Extensity Customer Sybase, iSource Power to the People: Employee Relationship Management software is attracting some interest, infoconomy Expensing It: Guilty As Charged, Fortune U.S. Firms Committed to Business Travel, New American Express Client Poll Reveals, American Express [IMAGE] Free Report from Gartner: Collaborative Workforce Applications and Strategies [IMAGE] According to Gartner, "Top-performing enterprises deem collaborative workforce investments as valid enterprise initiatives to optimize business processes and improve business outcomes." Learn more by downloading your free copy of Gartner's Collaborative Workforce Applications and Strategies: Click here to download. [IMAGE]
Extensity Launches Comprehensive Profit Improvement Analysis for Employee Relationship Management Applications [IMAGE] As a free service to customers and qualified prospects, Extensity now offers a tool to measure cost savings across key operational areas. The tool performs a full analysis based on industry benchmarking data and Extensity customer results to measure soft and hard dollar savings achieved through deployment of Extensity's time and expense, procurement and travel planning applications. Data is based on research from American Express Consulting Services, CFO Magazine, IDC, the National Association of Purchasing Managers and The Aberdeen Group. Click here for more .
Mark Your Calendar Industry Online Forum Employee Relationship Management (ERM): Solutions for Reducing Operational Costs Please join us on January 30th for an Industry Forum on Employee Relationship Management (ERM). ERM is a new class of software that reduces operational costs by bringing efficiencies to a company's most valuable asset and largest expense: its workforce. Together with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, we will discuss how your company can save millions of dollars by automating routine tasks such as expense reporting, travel planning, purchasing and project time tracking. January 30, 2001 | 10am in your time zone | Click to register!
About This eNewsletter Extensity Connection is a quarterly publication of Extensity, the leading provider of Internet-based applications for employee relationship management (ERM). Extensity's suite of ERM applications automates travel and expense reporting, project time capture and procurement to drive productivity, reduce costs, enhance control and promote competitive advantage. Please feel free to share this enewsletter with your friends and colleagues. To subscribe to Extensity Connection, please e-mail subscribe@extensity.com . To unsubscribe, please click here . For more information about Extensity, please visit http://www.extensity.com . [IMAGE]