Enron Mail

Subject:FW: Aspen ISIB conference on Balanced Leadership
Date:Fri, 28 Sep 2001 08:41:12 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Ken,

I hope you are faring okay in these difficult times. At Aspen ISIB, our
work goes forward, albeit with much discussion about how to stay relevant
and to understand the connections between social impact management and
aftermath of September 11th.

I have a request of you. An example of work that we think has great
relevance is a by-invitation only meeting of about 30 experts in Executive
Education--as practiced by corporations, by universitites and professional
service firms--that we are convening near Washington D.C in November. It's
two day working session, and the title is "Balanced Leadership During
Turbulence and Crisis: The Role of Executive Education." We had planned to
focus more specifically on the economic downturn, but for obvious reasons
have broadened the scope of the discussions. This work, like the Aspen
Business Leaders Dialogue, builds on two meetings that have preceded this
one, and we benefit from including a mix of "returnees" and new

I am writing to find out if there is someone in your firm that would make a
contributuion to the discussion and would like the opportunity to reflect on
best practice and innovation in executive education and training as we
consider the need for extraordinary leaders in our global enterprises. The
meeting is about the balancing act--profits vs. principles, short vs.
long-term needs, and listening to multiple stakeholders. If you have any
ideas for us, please let me know. Nancy McGaw, who runs the meeting, or I
will follow up. A one-page description is attached for your convenience. The
Co-Chairs of the meeting are Bill Wiggenhorn, until recently President of
Motorola University, now of Providian Financial, and Gary Jusela, Chief
Learning Officer at Lucent Technologies.

Best regards, Judy

Judith Samuelson
Executive Director
Aspen ISIB
271 Madison Avenue Suite 606
New York, New York 10016
tel: 212/895-8001; fax: 212/895-8012

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