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Subject:FW: Chamber of the Americas; calendar of events
Date:Mon, 1 Oct 2001 13:27:38 -0700 (PDT)

George P. Heinrich, Chairman of the Board
Gil Cisneros, President & CEO


Upcoming events:

TBD: The Americas Executive Forum featuring: Cesar Gaviria, Secretary
General, Organization of American States, Denver

TBD: Mexican Business Summit featuring Ambassador Juan Jose
Bremmer, Mexican Ambassador to the United States

TBD: Argentine Business Summit featuring Ambassador
Guillermo E. Gonzalez, Ambassador of the Argentine
Republic to the United States

TBD: Americas Board of Directors meeting

October 2001:

8: Peruvian holiday: Battle of Angamos
US holiday: Columbus Day
Thanksgiving (Canada)

15 Chile: Columbus Day

17-20: Americas-Mining Mining Group Meeting during AAIMMGM's Expominera
2001 conference in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. COA represented by Len
Harris, Bill Clark and Len Harris

23 The Americas' Dialogue: featuring Ambassador
Anthony S. Harrington, Former U. S. Ambassador
to Brazil

31 The Americas Mining Group meeting, Denver

November 2001:

1 All Saints Day

1-2 Americas Franchsiing Group Conference in Denver

6 USA: Election day

8 COA-Leadership Committe Meeting, site to be determine

11 USA: Veterans Day

12-16 Governor Bill Owens Trade Mission to Mexico, D. F.
and Monterrey.

14-18 Expomin America 2001, Dominican Republic

22 USA: Thanksgiving Day

25-29 Trip to Lima and Santiago to prepare for Trade Mission
in February 2002

December 2001:

8: Immaculate Conception

10: USA: First Day of Kanukkah

25: Christmas

26 Boxing Day (Canada)

January 2002:

1 New Year's Day

8 USA: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

10 501 Club Reception with the World Trade Center/Denver

31 The Americas Mining Group meeting, Denver

February 2002:

3-9 Americas Multi-Industry Trade Mission to Peru & Chile

5: COA Leadership Committee Meeting, site to be determined

13: Ash Wednesday

18: USA: President's Day

25-27 SME Annueal Meeting in Phoenix, AZ, COA represented by
Len Harris, Bill Clark and Gil Cisneros

March 2002:

TBD: AGBIZ Seminar in Costa Rica

28 Peruvian holiday: Maundy Thursday

29 Good Friday

31 Easter Sunday

TBD: Chamber of the Americas, "The Americas
AgBiz Conference" in San Jose, Costa Rica

April 2002:

11 Juan Santamaria, Costa Rica Holiday

28-1 Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Annual Meeting in
Vancouver, Len Harris/Gil Cisneros to represent COA-Mining Group

30 The Americas Mining Group meeting, Vancouver

TBD: Chamber of the Americas: "Multi Sectoral-Multi
Lateral Trade Mission to Brazil"

May 2002:

1 Peruvian, Chile, Costa Rica holiday, Labor Day

7 COA Leadership Commmittee Meeting, site to be determined

12 Mother's Day

14-17 Fifth International Gold Symposium, Lima Peru

20 Victoria Day (Canada)

21 Chile: Commemoration of the Battle of Iquique

27: USA: Memorial Day

June 2002:

11 Chile: Corpus Christie

14 USA: Flag Day

17: USA: Father's Day

29 Peruvian holiday, Saints Peter and Paul

July 2002:

1 Canada Day (Canada)

2 Chile: Saint Peter and Saint Paul

4 USA: Independence Day

25 Costa Rica holiday, Annexation of Guanacaste

28-29: Peruvian holiday, Independence Day

TBD: Chilean Expomin Mining Conference in Santiago, Chile, Len Harris,
Bill Clark, and Gil Cisneros to represent COA-Mining Group

August 2002:

2 Costa Rica Holiday: Our Lady of the Angels

6 COA Leadership Committee Meeting, site to be determined

15 Chile: Assumption Day
Costa Rica: Mother's Day

September 2002:

2 USA: Labor Day

3 Chile: National Day of Reconciliation

7 First Day of Rosh Hashanah

16 Yom Kippur

17 The IV International Symposium of Information
Technology Applied to the Mining Industry - INFOMINA
2002, Lima, Peru

18 Chile: Independence Day

19 Chile: Day of the Army

October 2002:

7 USA: Columbus Day
Canada: Thanksgiving Day

15 Chile: Columbus Day
Costa Rica: Cultures Day

November 2002:

1 Chile: All Saints Day

5 COA Leadership Committee Meeting, site to be determined
USA: Election Day

28 USA: Thanksgiving Day

30 First Day of Kanukkah

December 2002:

8 Immaculate Conception

25 Christmas Day

26 Boxing Day (Canada)


Need to schedule:

Group Chairs will schedule their own meetings throughout the year.

Begin Americas Ambassador Series
Develop Groups for: environmental, financial services, agriculture,
Americas Labor and Essential workers Group: meetings to be called at the
of Co-chairs
Americas Membership and Program Committee: meetings to be called at the
discretion of

During 2001-2002 we will do 6 trade missions and 6 seminars.

The Americas Summits:

Summits and trade mission being developed with the following countries:

Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic,
Honduras, Jamaica,Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

The Americas Trade Missions

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