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Subject:FW: Community Partners' Stabilization/Transition Campaign
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Just checking to see if Enron Community Relations/Lay Foundation has additi=
onal questions regarding Community Partners' request (described below) for =
immediate Stabilization/Transition Funding of $25,000 this year and a long-=
term commitment of $100,000 over several years. I would be glad to visit w=
ith either of you regarding Community Partners and its future. Thanks for=
your consideration.


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Subject:=09Community Partners' Stabilization/Transition Campaign

Misha and Jennifer: Thanks for visiting with me this week regarding Commun=
ity Partners and our ongoing campaign. Give me a call so I can schedule a =
tour for you two.
Cindy: I regret that you were unable to join us but I did want to include =
you in this follow-up email requested by Misha and Jennifer, and to invite =
you to a tour of our clinic.

Background: As you know, Enron (the old HNG) was a founding member of Com=
munity Partners (once known as Urban Affairs Corp.) and has been an on-goin=
g contributor to the non-profit for all of its 25+ year history. Begun as =
an effort by the business community in Houston to increase the number of fe=
male minorities in the workforce by providing low-cost daycare to children =
of inner-city mothers, Community Partners has grown into a $2+ million annu=
al budget organization whose emphasis now is school-based health clinics. =
These clinics, including a mobile clinic operated in cooperation with Episc=
opal Health Charities and Christ Cathedral-downtown, are utilized by the UT=
-Health Sciences and UT Nursing Schools as teaching facilities for their st=
udents, interns and residents, and as a result, we are able to offer a ful=
l-year of unlimited health care at a cost of approximately $100 per individ=
ual served -- a significant savings when compared to costs associated with =
government programs at charity hospitals. Our associated childcare facilit=
y housed in an HISD school adjacent to our main clinic allows young school-=
age mothers to remain in school by providing care for infants and pre-schoo=
lers while the students attend classes.

Prior Giving History: For the first 15-20 years of its existence, Enron hi=
storically made an annual $25,000 contribution to the non-profit and in the=
last 10-years has annually purchased a $10,000 table at the Fathers of the=
Year Luncheon, which has become a one of Houston's most recognized luncheo=
n fund-raisers. Ken Lay has been honored and has served in numerous years =
as Honorary Chairman of the event, and he and his foundation normally buys =
a $25,000 table. When EOG was an Enron subsidiary, Forrest Hoglund, chair=
ed the event one year and the Hoglund Foundation has been a regular contrib=
utor. Enron's Adopt-a-Child Holiday Program actually got its start in ass=
ociation with Community Partners when Enron employees would adopt and buy g=
ifts for children in our childcare centers. Over the last several years, E=
nron's contribution has been reduced to a $10,000 annual table purchase ass=
ociated with the Fathers of the Year Luncheon.

Update on Community Partners: After serving on the Board for 15+ years (tw=
o years as Chairman), the one thing I have learned about a non-profit like =
Community Partners is that there is never much surplus cash, especially at =
year-end, and we are always waiting for that next contribution. Every year=
we have been able to squeeze by, but this year, because of a number of cir=
cumstances, Community Partners is in a severe battle for survival. Because=
of personal health problems experienced by Executive Director Donna Bryant=
, her husband, Don, and son, Jason, the Board earlier this year decided to =
acquire the services of a fund-raising consulting group headed by Harriet L=
attimer and Tom Herren to help us through this crisis and to make recommend=
ations. The Board overwhelmingly endorsed their recommendations which incl=
uded the following:
Promoting Donna Bryant to a Chairman Emeritus position with continued salar=
y over the next three years. Donna would have no day-to-day duties, which =
will allow her to take care of her own health needs and to transition to re=
tirement. She would be called on only, as needed, on a consulting basis. =
Seeking $500,000 in immediate transition/stabilization support from certain=
foundations who have voiced interest in providing that support to keep thi=
s important program going. (Grant requests of $250,000 each have been subm=
itted to the Meadows Foundations and the Cullen Foundation.)
Beginning an immediate search for an Executive Director (with the enthusias=
tic assistance of Jackie Martin and her United Way staff) and to consider t=
he hiring of a Development Director to focus on fundraising. FYI: I talk=
ed with Roy Hughes and have forwarded his resume to the Board search commit=
Refocusing of the Houston Endowment $150,000 annual grant to the clinics an=
d requesting immediate payment. (Accomplished)=20
Strengthening of the Board of Directors. (I have agreed to chair the Nomin=
ating Committee so any ideas you can contribute would be appreciated.)
Reapplying for United Way membership. (We once were a UW agency but Donna =
did not like the limitations to fundraising ... under the current circumst=
ances, the Board now thinks otherwise.)
Beginning an immediate personal Board contribution campaign and to seek sta=
bilization funding this year from the Houston community, both from corporat=
ions and individuals. (Already underway.)
Consider a major endowment campaign next year to provide emergency cash flo=
w in times when we are waiting for the foundation checks to come in.

Enron's Role??: In addition to an immediate stabilization gift of $25,000 =
to $50,000 to help us through the remainder of the year, we would appreciat=
e the consideration of a major gift in the $100,000+ range over a 3-5 year =
period for the Endowment Campaign. We would also like a top Enron executi=
ve (Ken Lay would be nice, but it could be a nice intro to the Community fo=
r Mark Frevert or Greg Whalley) to consider chairing the Endowment Campaign=
once it gets organized next year. I would also consider stepping down fro=
m the Board to allow a more high-level executive to represent us on the Boa=

I apologize for the long-winded nature of this message, but I wanted to mak=
e sure that everyone knew all the facts. Thanks for your consideration.=

Angus H. Davis
Vice President
Corporate Secretary Department
Enron Corp. & Subsidiaries/Affiliates
(713) 853-6941