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Subject:FW: Enron - Honoring our loved ones
Date:Fri, 14 Sep 2001 09:38:34 -0700 (PDT)

Mr. Lay,

I had forwarded the terrible news of our loss of Nick Humber, Director of Enron Wind, to my sister in Belton, TX. I knew she had a website set up for a memorial, but I thought the offer by a friend of hers to make plaques to honor the victims was super sweet. As she gets her site updated, would you like a link for it sent to you so that others at Enron can see the dedications and artistic handiwork by people who are showing their American spirit?

Sincerely and mourning our loss,
Linda Faircloth - EB4683
Sr. Specialist, Global Network Management
Desk: 713-345-4556

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What was the name of the gentleman who worked for y'all and was on flight 11? My friend is making memorial plaques to honor those victims. I would like to have one close to home.

Patricia Freeman
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M & M Plumbing
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