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Subject:FW: Government Affairs Organization Announcement
Date:Fri, 16 Nov 2001 12:49:46 -0800 (PST)


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From: =09Dernehl, Ginger =20
Sent:=09Friday, November 16, 2001 2:45 PM
To:=09Shapiro, Richard
Subject:=09Government Affairs Organization Announcement

With the announcement of Enron's acquisition by Dynegy behind us, and with =
the initial severance process completed, it seemed an appropriate time to e=
ffect some organizational changes so that we as a group are better prepared=
to meet the challenges of the future. Before I turn to the organizational=
changes, I would like to say a few words about those who will be leaving t=
he company as a result of the initial severance (you'll know who they are b=
y their absence on the organizational chart): Leading and being a part of t=
his group has been a privilege?I am thankful for every day that I have had =
that responsibility and thankful for however long I continue to have the re=
sponsibility. This sense of privilege and thankfulness is primarily driven=
by having had the opportunity to get to know and care about such a dedicat=
ed group of professionals and support staff and who, to a person, are also =
very decent and good people. To say good-bye to some of our colleagues is =
not easy. I want to, on behalf of all of us, thank them for their hard wor=
k, their integrity, their decency, and the good times and laughter that we =
shared. I trust that many of us will find ways to sustain friendships that=
have been and will continue to be very special. Thanks to each of you who=
are leaving for all you have done.

As to the organizational structure, it has become increasingly apparent to =
me that the existing organization, with a mix of groups organized along fun=
ctional and regional lines (particularly within the U.S.), has impeded our =
ability to get things done in the most efficient fashion at times. The nee=
d to rationalize the organizational structure, in order to consolidate all =
U.S. energy functions, is a strong need from my perspective. As a result, =
Jim Steffes will lead the U.S. Energy group along with Sue Nord, who will j=
ointly report to Jim and myself. Sue will assist Jim in the leadership of =
the group and take on project management responsibilities as warranted to h=
elp Jim shoulder a significant burden. Also reporting to Jim will be a lea=
dership group for U.S. Energy that will be as follows: Wholesale Electrici=
ty will be led by Christi Nicolay; Retail Electricity and Natural Gas will =
be led by Harry Kingerski; Wholesale Gas will be led by Leslie Lawner. La=
st, but not least, Jeff Dasovich and Sue Mara, who will continue to focus o=
n California energy issues, will report to Jim. (Sue Mara will also be part=
of the Wholesale electricity team).

Steve Montovano, who will continue to report to me, will lead a commercial =
development effort along with Dan Allegretti.

With the elimination of the regional groups, I also recognize that there is=
a need to continue to focus on how we as a group address our political/leg=
islative needs across the U.S. Paul Kaufman will lead a small group that w=
ill address that need and that will focus on state political support. Paul=
will also take the lead for Government Affairs in support of corporate dev=
elopment efforts across the U.S.

Much of the rest of the group remains the same. Linda Robertson will conti=
nue to lead the Washington group with Sarah Novosel, who reports to Linda, =
taking the lead role in our coordination of activities at FERC. Amr Ibrahi=
m will continue to lead the support of the Global Assets group and also con=
tinue to manage the Risk Analytics function. Maggy Huson will take over su=
pport of the non-energy business units, which are as follows: Global Market=
s, Industrial Markets, Networks, and Broadband. Rob Hemstock will continue=
to lead the support of Enron Canada. Paul Dawson, who heads up government=
affairs for Europe; Sergio Assad, who heads up government affairs for Sout=
h America; and Mike Grimes and Mark Crowther, who head up our Asian efforts=
, will continue to jointly report to the business units and myself.

I am also forming a North American leadership group for Government Affairs =
to provide policy guidance for the larger group and the company. That Comm=
ittee will consist of Rob Hemstock, Maggy Huson, Amr Ibrahim, Paul Kaufman,=
Harry Kingerski, Leslie Lawner, Steve Montovano, Christi Nicolay, Sue Nord=
, Sarah Novosel, Linda Robertson, Jim Steffes and myself. We will also con=
tinue to have an RCR Committee that will consist of Maggy Huson, Harry King=
erski, Sue Nord, Linda Robertson, Jim Steffes & myself. Finally, I am form=
ing a Dynegy/Enron regulatory approvals working group that will consist of =
Jose Bestard, Paul Dawson, Paul Kaufman, Sue Nord, Sarah Novosel and myself=

No organizational structure or set of organizational changes is either perf=
ect or permanent. I believe these changes will make us better and more pre=
pared for the future. However, we must be prepared to further adjust as th=
e future unfolds for the company.

One final note: I am deeply sorry that each of you has had to live through =
this uncertain and troubled period for the company. We are all saddened by=
the recognition that we are in the midst of changes that will leave our gr=
oup fundamentally altered, but we must resolve to do our best for each othe=
r and ourselves during this period of change to ensure that what emerges, f=
or those of us who do remain a part of the new Dynegy, reflects the excelle=
nce and integrity that has characterized our group. Personally, I will do =
all I can, for as long as I can, to steer the group through this to the ver=
y best place possible. Your continued dedication and support is very much =
appreciated. Hang in there and thanks.