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Date:Mon, 4 Jun 2001 09:19:38 -0700 (PDT)

This is the first analysis of 'Twingate' that points out the obvious. John=
Williams exposes the exploitation of an unfortunate incident by two Austin=
promoters who are also Democrat activist. The conduct of the teenage twi=
ns is indefensible; Chuy's conduct is outrageous. =20
The girls made a silly mistake; Chuy's made a calculated grab for commercia=
l promotion, at best, and engaged in despicable dirty political activity at=
worst.Chuy's smug press release confirms either or both conclusions.
The twins will pay a price for their conduct. I hope every parent, conserva=
tive, and other decent Texans that abhors shameless exploitation of the und=
erage girls, will ensure that Chuy's pays a price for their conduct.
I will not set foot in Chuy's and ask that everyone with a sense of decency=
join in expressing their outrage at Chuy's despicable conduct. In Texas we=
have the choice of an abundance of Tex-Mex in less hostile environments.
Jack Rains
P.S. I urge you to share your thoughts on this subject with your friends an=
d family.

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ng Houston's international scene Area briefs =09 Printer-frie=
ndly format June 4, 2001, 12:54AM The 411 on Chuy's decision to call =
911 By JOHN WILLIAMS Copyright 2001 Houston Chronicle The first call f=
rom Chuy's restaurant at 10:45 p.m. Tuesday went to the 911 dispatcher in A=
ustin. The emergency? Two underage women wanted alcoholic beverages. One =
had an I.D. of another person old enough to drink. It may be the first ti=
me a restaurant has considered underage drinking worthy of an emergency cal=
l in the home of the state's biggest university, said Becky Stewart, emerge=
ncy services director for the Capital Area Planning Council. CAPCO manages =
Austin's regional 911 system. But the two in question had familiar names.=
They were Jenna and Barbara Bush, the president's 19-year-old twin daughte=
rs. Perhaps the call is understandable. No big-dollar restaurant wants to=
risk its liquor license by serving alcohol to someone under 21. Tip for =
newsmen questionable The second call from Chuy's management, however, is h=
arder to defend. Chuy's tipped the Austin American-Statesman to the scoop =
about the president's partying scofflaws. Amid deadline pressure and ethica=
l questions, the newspaper didn't print a report until Thursday. By then,=
the Bush family affair, rightly or wrongly, was everybody's business. It w=
ent international. Chuy's was mentioned in newspapers worldwide. "That ca=
n't be bad for business," mused an Austin political consultant and frequent=
Chuy's diner. The success story of the restaurant chain may shed a littl=
e more light. Chuy's was started by Michael Young and John Zapp in a city=
that loves its Mexican food. Young has been the main mover and shaker, hel=
ping expand the restaurant chain to Houston, Dallas, Arlington and San Anto=
nio, and starting other profitable businesses. Described by one friend as=
having a Willie Nelson grin, Young is a laid-back Austin denizen and minor=
Democratic player in Travis County politics. Young has strong opinions a=
nd occasionally attends party fund-raisers, though acquaintances said he ha=
s not taken front-line positions on any major issues. He has an amazing a=
bility to get attention for his restaurant. When Kenneth Starr was invest=
igating the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair, Chuy's sold more than 1,00=
0 T-shirts with a cartoon of Clinton shaking his finger and saying, "I did =
not have Tex-Mex with that woman." Young also appeared for free in a Sout=
hwest Airlines commercial with the airline's legendary boss, Herb Kelleher.=
Young got the gig, which garnered free publicity for his restaurants, thro=
ugh adman Roy Spence, a friend and business partner who runs in Democratic =
circles. Last year, Spence and Young joined others to create Glazing Sadd=
les Ltd., which owns the Krispy Kreme doughnut shops in Austin and San Anto=
nio. "I like Michael because he has built a culture where his people do t=
he right thing, they are a big family," Spence said. "His people serve the =
customers right, they prepare the food right, they take care of business ri=
ght." Twins' actions hard to explain Was it right to dial 911? Many eate=
ries might have refused to serve the Bush daughters and left it at that. =
The twins' behavior is likewise hard to defend or explain. The incident cam=
e two weeks after Jenna Bush made national headlines when she pleaded no co=
ntest to an earlier underage drinking charge. Did they believe no one in Au=
stin would recognize them, or notice the Secret Service agents nearby? Th=
e White House has described the incidents as private family matters. If the=
twins' mother, first lady Laura Bush, and grandmother, former first lady B=
arbara Bush, decide to apply a dose of old-fashioned tough love, it couldn'=
t be any more painful than Thursday's front-page headline in the New York P=
ost: "Jenna and Tonic. Bush daughter in new booze incident as twin sister w=
atched." For Chuy's, it's a different matter. Perhaps the restaurant mana=
gement, with its Democratic ties, is privately reveling in the Republican f=
irst family's public embarrassment. The restaurant did not return calls a=
bout its decision to publicize the incident. But Thursday afternoon, the =
restaurant released a statement -- or more precisely, an understatement: "W=
e sincerely regret any inconvenience this has caused the first family." =
John Williams' e-mail address is john.williams@chron.com . Return to top=
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