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Subject:FW: Man of God
Date:Mon, 3 Dec 2001 06:42:05 -0800 (PST)

I just got to the office and wanted to send this on. The Lord gave me some good stuff to read over ya'll this morning. Some was hard to "hear" but as is His way, there is ALWAYS His good heart in His messages. ALWAYS a "Come to me, I love you." message.
I need to time to pray over that email but this is still true even after the passages. I hope you are encouraged. Hope you got the tapes I left on Saturday.
I am keeping a "prayer journal" which is a little separate from the "prayer walking" but I am getting to where I record the impressions during my walks.
OH MR. LAY, I just know that you are calling on Jesus for wisdom! Your heart must be so heavy. Call out for His people too. A shepherd cares for his sheep. God is going to take many of "His sheep" that have been under your care into another "earthly pasture" for their care but He is working all things together for good-to them that love Him. Let's pray for more to fall in love with Jesus!
Lynda Phinney
The Joy of the Lord is my strength...
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Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2001 9:26 AM
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Subject: Man of God
Mr. Lay,
I am back home and about ready to leave for church. It occurred to me while I was driving back home that God knew of this time before the foundations of the world. He knew that you would be the man at the head of this company. You are a man of God and the Lord knew you would turn to Him in time of trouble.
Think about that. God gave you a shepherd's heart because your employees "heard" your voice in the emails you sent during the hard times leading up to this. Your's is a gentle voice. THAT is GOD in you! And a shepherd at that! Oh how blessed you are!
You showed that you don't love money because you did not take the "golden parachute" money. Even though you might have hated to give it up "in your feelings" but in your heart you obeyed a higher call on your life!
God is apparently keeping you calm even during the railing accusations that the enemy is hurling against you. Look at how you glorify God. You most likely don't feel that way but that is what the truth is.
God has me in constant prayer on your behalf, your employees, your wife, and the spouses of the employees, for HIS glory!