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Subject:FW: Miss Rodeo America 2002
Date:Mon, 7 Jan 2002 19:31:34 -0800 (PST)

This young lady was crowned Miss Rodeo America in Las Vegas , Nevada during
the National Finals Rodeo this last month in December. I was honored to be
one of 4 judges that decided she had "it". Now I know I was right. Just
wanted to share this with you. She really is a genuine young lady! Straight
from Athens, Texas. And she's an AGGIE! She was the 2001 Miss Rodeo Texas.
See more about her (http://www.missrodeo.com/reigning.html ).

Cheryl Thompson-Draper
Warren Electric Group
P.O. Box 67
Houston, Texas 77001
713 2362186 (o)
713 2362188 (f)
713 5168880 (cell)

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Things have been a whirlwind
since the coronation, but I am loving every minute of
it! I stayed for the entire Wrangler National Finals
Rodeo and spent a lot of time talking to the media and
the sponsors. I was asked on several occasions during
interviews with the press about whether or not I am a
person of faith, and I was very happy to have the
opportunity to give my testimony. I told them that I
knew that I would not have been awarded the
opportunity to speak with them if the Lord wasn't at
work in my life and that I had been very blessed with
wonderful parents who had raised me in a Christian
I am leaving tomorrow morning to go to Waco for
the Texas Circuit Finals, and I will be flying to
Denver next week. I am really excited that one of my
first appearances is going to be in Houston so that I
get to see all of you! Cheryl, again thank you very
much. You are truly an inspiration to me. I will see
you soon!