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Subject:FW: Peruvian Mining,Oil,Gas and Energy.
Date:Thu, 27 Sep 2001 12:05:52 -0700 (PDT)

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Subject: Peruvian Mining,Oil,Gas and Energy.


Peru's production of metals,crude oil,natural gas and
electrical energy continued at a high level during the
first half of 2001,as follows:

Copper - 261,000 MT ( Y2000-553,924 MT ).
Lead - 138,000 MT ( Y2000-270,000 MT ).
Zinc - 478,000 MT ( Y2000-910,303 MT ).
Silver - 1,253 MT ( Y2000-2,438 MT ).
Gold - 64 MT ( Y2000-133 MT ).
Iron Ore - 1,463,000 MT ( Y2000-2,645,991 ).
Tin - 18,000 MT ( Y2000-37,410 MT ).

In 2000,Peru rated 2nd in the world in silver
production;3rd in lead;3rd in zinc;3rd in tin;5th in
copper and 8th in gold - 23% of total government
revenues are earned from taxes on mining companies - 49%
of total export value is from mining products ( $3.3
billion in 2000 expected to rise to $5 billion by
2005 ) - $10 billion is estimated to be invested in
exploration and exploitation over the next 8 years - the
world's largest mining investment of $2.3 billion
resulted in the recent startup of this copper/zinc mega-
mine ( 1 million MT of copper concentrates and 400,000
MT of zinc concentrates per year ) - $330 million are
spent annually on mining supplies ( drill
bits,fuel,explosives,chemicals,tyres and spare parts )
and 60,000 people are directly employed by mining
companies and another 300,000 are indirectly employed.

Crude oil produced in the 1st half of 2001 was 18,104
million barrels ( 100 MBD versus 96 MBD in 2000 down
from a high of 127 MBD in 1995 ). Some $710 million is
earmarked for drilling by 2004 which is expected to
increase crude oil production considerably.

Natural gas production in the 1st half of 2001 was 4,918
million cubic feet or 27 MCFD compared with 33 MCFD in
2000 and 40 MCFD in 1999..July's production was very
high at 61 MCFD which reflects on a higher demand by
thermal power plants..The large Camisea gas field said
to contain 8 trillion cubic feet of gas,is under
development to bring this field into production by 2004
at a total capital investment 0f $3.05 billion.

Electrical energy produced in the !st half of 2001 was
10,145 Gwh ( 20,050 Gwh in 2000 ).Hydro power plants
produced 81% of the total power generated in 2000.
Thermal power plants,mainly fired with oil,supplied the
rest..Only 75% of the population of Peru are served with
electrical power which costs consumers about $0.10 per
Kwh. The operation of the Camisea gas field will bring
gas to the Peruvian coast for the cost of electricity at
a much lower cost. Several power plants,tranmission and
distribution projects are underway or planned for the
future at a cost of several hundreds of millions of

Leonard Harris, Chairman Mining Group COA.