Enron Mail

Subject:FactSet Enhances Communications with Clients
Date:Thu, 8 Nov 2001 07:29:11 -0800 (PST)

Dear Kenneth, As you know, FactSet has always taken great pride in its =
close relationships with its clients. By providing around-the-clock consul=
ting services, extensive product training and foregoing contracts as a part=
of our business model, we always try to put the users needs first. Along=
these lines, we also recognize the importance of communicating more effect=
ively the value added enhancements we continue to make to FactSet. We soon =
plan to include the use of email to notify you of upcoming events and new p=
roducts that you may find of interest. Also planned is distribution of our=
quarterly newsletter, Query , electronically so that the valuable informat=
ion covered gets to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. We respec=
t your privacy regarding marketing messages via email. If you welcome per=
iodic email from FactSet regarding product news, upcoming webcasts and trai=
ning shows, there is no need to respond to this email. You will be automati=
cally enrolled in this program, and will have the ability to opt-out at any=
time. While a number of our clients have already requested promotional m=
aterials electronically, we recognize that not everyone feels the same way.=
If you do not wish to receive email from us in the future, please click h=
ere now to permanently remove yourself from our email list. We hope you =
find FactSet's use of email to enhance our client relationships beneficial.=
If you have any questions regarding FactSet's plans to keep you informed v=
ia email, please feel free to contact me at 203.356.3797 or dfrankel@factse=
t.com . Thank you for your continued use and support of FactSet! Sincerel=
y, David A. Frankel Vice President, Director, Marketing =09