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Subject:Fwd: Diplomatic Nominations Announced In Today's Washington Post
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Subject: Diplomatic Nominations Announced In Today's Washington Post
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Lora: I thought several of the reports in the Kamen column in today's
Washington Post were of interest based on our past contacts which you may
want to share with Enron officials concerned with those areas.
(1) Speculation that Otto Reich's nomination for Assistant Secretary of State
for the Western Hemisphere is in trouble with Senator Joe Biden taking over
as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Further speculation that
the Bush Administration may be forced to withdraw the nomination and consider
replacing it with Crisencio Arcos, a former US ambassador now working for AT
and T out of Miami. I have met him several times and chaired a BCIU panel
with him as a participant; Anne Patterson, current US ambassador to Colombia
who I also know; and, I would add the possibility of Donna Hrinak who I know
is held in high regard. Doubt that decision will be made for several more
Further in the column in the information the Nancy Brinker of Dallas (I don't
know her) is to be nominated as US ambassador to Hungary. Enron has a
business in Hungary and has been trying to expand interests; our old friend
Doug Hartwick to be nominated for Laos (you will recall that we tried to help
him last year to get Senator Bob Smith to remove a "hold" over the Senator's
upset with the State Department not being aggressive enough about the MIA
issue); and, my longtime friend Tom Hubbard, former US ambassador to the
Philippines to be US ambassador to South Korea (Enron's Darrell Kinder may be
interested to know this information).
Can you kindly check the White House political office to see if they have a
contact number for Richard "Rich" Bond? Ken Mehlman's office may be able to
tell you. Rich did work for us and could possibly be helpful to me in pushing
my own interests. He's been in the papers and on the tube several times
commenting on the Jim Jeffords switch.
We're leaving for our Delaware house about midday today and plan to return on
Sunday or Monday.