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Ken, some more good thoughts from the lady at the church. As we have
discussed our PR needs attention. John

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John -- I agree, and empathize, with all you say. It is my fervent hope
that the lawyers give your group and other Enron entities the go ahead to
speak publicly before more hearings and other public forums are scheduled.
Otherwise, it makes it so hard on you and other innocents to be painted with
a broad brush and thus continue to get villified with "the bad apples" by
the media. However, you have an impeccable reputation of honesty,
integrity, intelligence, sound judgement, so it's merely a matter of time
before you and the innocents can set the record straight. But keep telling
them the time for message management is NOW! Last week, NBC assigned one of
their veteran political reporters to the Enron story, and she displayed a
woeful paucity of understanding about the world of finance. The resulting
story was detrimental to the innocents and wouldn't have happened, were the
various E groups permitted to manage their stories. I hope your meetings
today and tomorrow are productive for your team! Keep the faith! (And yes,
I'm reading everything I can get my hands on.)

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Thanks for the input of the article. I had read it along with many others.

These read awful but how else could they read when one considers the final
result. It is all so sad. Believe me, we, Enron, had some bad apples in
financial department and they were there long enough to do the damage for
but themselves. So, now we simply wait for "time to tell" the full story.
met all day yesterday with "the lawyers" working with the independent
directors and "they said" not to worry but one has to worry when he reads
hundreds of articles like the one you E-mailed to me.

Keep thinking and reading for me as you may soon become my PR agent. And,
have a happy holiday.